Clinical Management Challenges in Infants and Young Children with Achondroplasia

Recording and Minutes Now Available!

Chaired by Encarna Guillen-Navarro, our esteemed faculty led some great discussions on the clinical challenges and outcomes of importance in infancy and early childhood, from both the healthcare professional and family perspective. There were some differences, and we discussed the potential reasons for these. Geert Mortier then led a review of the recommendations available in this age group and asked whether clinical practice is in alignment. You can watch the discussions and read our minutes from the meeting now!

Detection and Management of Foramen Magnum Stenosis in Achondroplasia

Recording and Slides Now Available!

Workshop Chair, Melita Irving, was joined by Klaus Mohnike, Geneviève Baujat, Paul Arundel, Philip Kunkel, and Heike Hoyer-Kuhn to discuss screening, indicators for intervention, the decision-making process to decompress and strategies for previously undetected foramen magnum stenosis. Consensus was reached on six guiding principles for the detection and management of foramen magnum stenosis.

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