Brigitte Fauroux

Brigitte Fauroux
  • Professor of Paediatrics
  • Necker University Hospital and Paris Cité University, Paris, France

Brigitte Fauroux is Professor in Paediatrics and is based at Necker University Hospital and Paris Cité University. She is the Head of the Paediatric Non-invasive Ventilation and Sleep Unit and a Respiratory Physiology Laboratory.

Professor Fauroux did part of her research training at the Respiratory Muscle Laboratory at the Royal Brompton Hospital in London, UK, where she improved her expertise in respiratory physiology, respiratory muscle testing and non-invasive ventilation.

She is expert in paediatric sleep, respiratory physiology, respiratory muscles, and non-invasive ventilation. Her research is focused on children with rare disease, with a special focus on congenital bone disease. She has published more than 300 papers and is actively involved in numerous scientific societies, assemblies, and workshops.

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